Two Sunnyporeans exploring the intersection of Business x Life x Happiness.

Hello world. On a typical warm and humid night on 22 November 2018, Dan and Rebecca decided to start a podcast.

Cos backsides itchy. 🍑

This podcast’s mission is three-fold:

1. To have meaningful conversations about Business, Life and Happiness. To explore what it means to be human, and what is possible by living a life with intention (and not by default).

2. To build a community of kindred humans through sharing, learning and growing together.

3. To put out joy into the world. To have fun!

Episode 01:
We Are LITO The Who What When Where How Why of LITO. How we met. How when LITO started, it wasn’t even a real thing. Plus how Rebecca became a photographer and find out what Dan’s two soft spots are!

Episode 02: 
Our First Paying Jobs How we got our first paying gigs. How much we were paid. And who gave us our big breaks. Also, find out how Rebecca got to work with Monocle + lots of other juicy bits.

Episode 03:
Mental HealthNo holds barred. Rebecca and Dan talk about their brushes with depression and a crippling meltdown in New York respectively with 100% transparency + honesty. Bon appetite.

Episode 04:
Tell Me What You Want. What You Really Really Want.What do you want in life? Is there a better way to want what we want? Join us in this fun little exercise to learn a whole NEW and DIFFERENT and FUN way to want what your heart desires.

We wanna hear from you. It’ll help make this whole thingie more fun and interactive.

If there’s a particular topic you would like us to jam and riff on...

If you have any questions you’d like us to answer or for Dan to offer some coaching on, please send them in.

We’d answer them on the show.



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