Hello world. On a typical warm and humid night* on 22 November 2018, Dan and Rebecca decided to start a podcast.
Cos backsides itchy. 🍑

Imagine sitting nearby, your coffee in hand, as you tune into conversations that meander through life's big questions—reflections on the meaning and purpose of life, diving deep into the essence of creative work, and unraveling the intricacies of life's business.

*Legend has it that it could also be a 风和日丽的晚上.


Dan & Rebecca

Kinda feel like we're already BFFs? Good! Us, too.

Our journey began in 2018, sparked by a whimsical desire to capture our day-long conversations for posterity. What started as a casual idea evolved into a cherished ritual, allowing us to explore our thoughts and share our lives with an ever-growing community.  This partnership has since woven a rich tapestry of stories, insights, and laughter that resonates with listeners far and wide; and brought together a community of kindred spirits.



To have meaningful conversations about Business, Life and Happiness. 

To Build A Community Of Kindred Humans Through Sharing, Learning And Growing Together.

To put out joy into the world. To have fun!

The LITO Podcast is Singapore's top-billing self development and lifestyle podcast. It's been known to change lives. And make people LOL in libraries, train rides and toilet cubicles.

"Prepare Yourself. When you’re ready for truth bombs that would help you dive deeper into yourself, you’ll be drawn to the LITO Podcast like a strong magnet. Beware of warmth, hugs sent into your ear holes and laughing away with tears."

— Ambivertxy


 Your all-access pass to the heart of LITO across the digital universe —where every post, video, and story invites you into a space that celebrates life's perfectly imperfect adventures. Join us, and let's get wonderfully lost together. 

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