Because Life's Too Short for a Filter

Dirty Messy Free

Are you ready to embrace the chaos, the beauty, and the unfiltered joy of being wonderfully human?

Say hello to Dirty Messy Free - Your New Guilty Pleasure ~ where we're ripping off the 'perfection' band-aid to bring you the raw, the real, and the ridiculously liberating.

Join us, Daniel Lim and Sylvia Chan, as we embark on a no-holds-barred journey into the heart of what it means to live, laugh, and thrive in our perfectly imperfect worlds. 'Dirty, Messy, Free' isn't just a show; it's a brand new movement. It's your backstage pass to embracing life's beautiful chaos.



Sylvia's first and biggest mistake that doomed her 10 years ago. All women need to know this.

Buckle up! We open with The Truth. Juicy AF. *insert peach emoji*

Welcome to the complex landscape of marriage, family and friends.

Raw Conversations. Dive deep into the heart of authenticity with discussions that cut to the core.

We're peeling back the layers, revealing the good, the bad, and the hilariously real 'oops, did I really say that?' moments. These conversations are the bridges between souls, built on honesty and the shared understanding that we're all beautifully imperfect.


Yes, beans will be spilled, but not in the way you might think.

Expect to have your mind blown and your heart opened as we delve into stories that dazzle with depth and resonate with realness. We're here to uncover truths, share breakthroughs, and bask in the beauty of genuine connection—no gossip, just growth.

Strap in for a journey that's part roller coaster, part enlightenment express. 

We're not just talking about the ups and downs but about the twists, turns, and tunnels that lead to light. It's about feeling deeply, embracing vulnerability, and discovering strength in places you didn't know existed. This isn't about drama for drama's sake; it's about the real, raw, and riveting tales of life that uplift and unify.

Elevation is the name of the game at DMF.

Get ready to be lifted to new heights with content that inspires, empowers, and galvanizes. We're not just scratching the surface; we're digging deep to bring you insights, anecdotes, and action steps that propel you forward. Expect to feel a surge of inspiration that's potent enough to make you seize life's reins and gallop towards your dreams.

Welcome to Real Life 2.0

Why 'Dirty, Messy, Free'? 

Because true freedom comes from embracing the chaos, not running from it. It's about finding joy in the journey, laughter in the lessons, and strength in what we once thought was our mess. It's life, unedited and unapologetically vibrant, just like you.

Flaws are the New Flawless!


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Every episode is an adventure into the deliciously messy middle, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Let's redefine freedom together!


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Grab the reins of self-empowerment. Discover your inner strength and how to wield it.


Unleash Your Ultimate Self. We’re not just imagining it; we’re making it your reality.


Learn to create happiness and joy from within, regardless of the chaos around you.

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Where Human 101 Meets Unscripted Joy


If you are willing to make the commitment, this masterclass will equip you with a powerful tool for feeling free, connected, and content.

Life coach. entrepreneur. Digital creator

Hi, I'm Sylvia. When Life Gives You Lemons, Add Glitter!

I'm here to show you how courage isn’t just for heroes; it’s for everyone, including you. I want to help you find your beat in the face of fear, change, and those oh-so-big emotions. You’ll learn to embrace your inner strength and dance through life’s storms, all while keeping it light, breezy, and brilliantly bold.

I'm your go-to for mastering courage, embracing big feelings, and pivoting like a pro. Think of me as your biggest cheerleader for navigating life's messiest moments, only with better advice and more flair – all while staying true to your fabulous self.

I guide from firsthand experience, not concepts.

Meow, I'm Dan. I mix passion with purpose, occasionally setting the kitchen on fire.

I see life’s meltdowns as opportunities for a spectacular comeback, crafting stories of transformation that inspire, entertain, and profoundly move.

Amidst the chaos and confetti of life, I want to remind everyone that being ‘unconventionally brilliant’ isn’t just a tagline—it’s a way of life. So, if you’re looking for a sign to unleash your own unconventional brilliance, consider LITO your beacon. Welcome to a world where authenticity reigns supreme, and where being yourself isn’t just accepted—it’s celebrated.

 I help good folks create a life they don't need to escape from!

master coach.
cereal entrepreneur. manifesting generator.

master coach. cereal entrepreneur. manifesting generator


If you’re looking to get not one, but TWO electrifying speakers to keynote your event, inspire your team, deliver a life-changing talk or mini-workshop - let's team up! We're talking about a double dose of dynamism, a tag team of transformational tales, and a pair of passionate powerhouses ready to ignite change – a fusion of fiery wisdom, laugh-out-loud moments, and life-changing lessons. Get in touch with your event information and let's see if we are a mutually great fit.

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