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Collective elevation

Where energies align and magic happens. Where minds meet and spirits soar. Cultivating brilliance, together.

Where every growth story is a commeownity masterpiece.

Embarking on a journey of collective elevation, where every individual is both a learner and a mentor, a giver and a receiver. Our mission is to create a sanctuary for heart work that transcends individual growth, nurturing a community where collaboration, joint ventures, and cross-pollination are not just encouraged but are the roots from which we all grow. We believe in the power of uplifting each other, understanding that when one of us lights up, we illuminate the path for all. By investing in our own transformation, we contribute to a wave of change that enhances every connection we make, fostering a world of mutual support, shared success, and boundless opportunities for all.


so what is lito, actually?

Polymath much?

We are many things.
Don't try to pigeon hole us.
We are everything, everywhere, all at once.

The LITO Podcast

It all started with this podcast - A whack in the head (and wallop in the butt) for anyone stuck in traditional, linear, fixed ways of living. Tune into our podcast for actionable inspiration. Honest discussions. Light. Right on. Every episode.

LITO Academy

Your monthly self-development membership for getting high on life. And a solid community to do it with.

Life's Waiting Room is Over. Welcome to the Main Event.

Welcome to Real Life 2.0

Dirty Messy Free

Say hello to Dirty Messy Free - Your New Guilty Pleasure ~ where we're ripping off the 'perfection' band-aid to bring you the raw, the real, and the ridiculously liberating.

New . Show . New . Show . New . Show . New .

Reconnecting with what truly matters

LITO Finland
Retreat 2025

Transformational Travel

MArch 2025. COME ALIVE.

LITO Retreat

A reappraisal of priorities and consumption behaviours, mindful of precious freedoms, family and friends, and the relationships we have with ourselves, has birth a new breed of travel - Transformational travel. Experience magic that will transform you.


Master state-of-the-art coaching kungfu skills + build a joyful coaching business that is as unique as your fingerprint + as magnetic as your soul. In 12 weeks. 

Enrolment . Now . Open . Enrolment . Now . OPen . .

Cosmic Blueprint

Your personal navigation system is one that already exists in you and fits like a glove. You just need to remember it. Navigate life with unprecedented clarity. Finally, the Human Design course you've been waiting for. 

The Magic Room

TMR is a supercharged blend of Dharma + Life + Mindset Coaching of the highest potency to help uncover your deepest desires, truest self and to chart a clear direction for your life, work and business. You become a trailblazer by virtue of being your genuine self.

LITO Goods

A fun selection of provisions for commitment + expression of your highest self. Delivered with heart-centric design.


Looking for a space to shoot for your brand, produce content, or to host an event? Apartmentofu is a 2,143sqft integrated lifestyle space designed by creatives (us), for creatives (you). A fully equipped production studio that’s homely & comfortable, with fully furnished living and dining rooms, fitted kitchen with a 3m-long movable island counter, a cozy den, and a 5m-wide cyclorama wall. This is also where our legendary LITO Pawties are held. Guests are known to stay until 6am in the morning. We're not kidding. When a place feels like home, no one wants to leave.

REady for your LOVevolution?

Whether you're looking for free edutainment to blow your mind, or a tribe of good humans, or some TLC + practical support, we've got you covered.

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