Welcome to
One George Street

Chairs and tables for solitude,
friendship and community

Testing 1, 2, 3...

Hey Team TGR! Here are some (very quick) test shots we stole when we visited on Friday (yes, we brought our camera along) to give you an idea of what’s achieveable based on the brief and our discussion.

Great meeting
in progress

Vignettes of TGR 

The Conservatory

Warm interiors

For thought and study

Features and highlights

Selection from Design Hotels Shoot
Below are some examples from a shoot we did for Design Hotels. You can expect the polish and quality of the final shots to be closer to these.

Thank you for your trust and for this exciting opportunity to “play” with you. We look forward to creating beautiful, intimate portraits of TGR and its people. We are 108% committed to helping you build a great library of visual assets. Excited to get started!

Dan 🐰 + Rebecca 🦄
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