Moses Mohan
Alchemist of Human Beings

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve done it all and yet haven’t done enough at all?  By most standards, you’ve totally made it, but made it where exactly? 

Hi, my name is Moses.  I am an Alchemist, not of metals, but of Human Beings and I am here to help transform humans into that shiny centrepiece of gold they are meant to be.  I see people in all of their wholesome goodness and innate creativity.  I see a whole new life of fulfilment just waiting to burst forth in all of us. 

I see people as precious pieces of gold, quietly sitting, yet impatient to awaken to their true calling.

Helping you to find what puts a smile on your face, puts a smile on my face.
I specialise in creating safe spaces for people.  A space where one can feel free, to find and to create oneself. Together, we will make meaningful discoveries, so that you can go on to build deep and nourishing relationships.

I love meeting new people and building new connections. I especially love to do that while traveling.  The eye-opening, mind-broadening beneficial effects of travel never cease to amaze me. 

Still, at the end of every journey, I find that there is another we must take as human beings. One of self-introspection.

Wherever you are on your journey of self-introspection, I would love to meet you there.  Don’t just let life happen to you, but rather, choose to live purposefully.

Start making a change in your life so that you can make a change in the world.

Take a step outside of your comfort zone. That’s how the best journeys start.

What does success mean to you? What is your definition of success?
I'm not fond of the word 'success' as it is often associated with a specific end destination; an attainment of something.

Instead, the word I prefer is 'fulfilment', the state of expressing who I am (my purpose, values, etc.,) and wholeheartedly living life from that place of resonance.

Fulfilment is to speak, and live our truth. Unlike success, fulfilment is available to us in every moment- we can choose how to show up, what decisions to make, in accordance with who we are in every single moment.

What have you learned recently that you would like to do less of? And what would like to do more of?
While not a specific thing, I'd like to do less in a day and focus on the essentials. In doing so, I focus on what truly matters for the day, and also end up with more time to be with myself and to rest, which is so underrated!

I'd like to be more present to each and every moment of life as it arises. There are so many things to be grateful for and to celebrate from moment-to-moment, and it is only when we pay attention to the present moment that we become aware of this, and are able to enjoy the wonders of life.

What is one book you would highly recommend or gift to someone?
I'd gift Dr Seuss' 'Oh The Places You'll Go! ©' With such simplicity and quirkiness, the book reminds us that we are always in choice, in each and every moment; through the good, bad, and ugly.

Here's a snippet:

Today is your day.
You're off to Great Places!
You're off and away!

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
You're on your own. And you know what you know.
And YOU are the guy who'll decide where to go."

What is your best < $100 investment till date?
The Kindle e-reader is really my best investment till date, even though its slightly over $100. To have tomes of knowledge on the go, at your finger tips, has truly been transformational for me. I started reading much more, learning much more, and growing so much more as a person.

If I'm sticking strictly to <$100, it would be the annual subscription for Headspace, a meditation app. Headspace was foundational in building the habit of meditation for me, which has helped to cultivate self-awareness, calmness, and compassion that has flowed beautifully into all aspects of my life.

Who is your Superhero? And Why? 
Superman. I never used to like Superman, thinking of him as an unrelatable god-like being. Through a meaningful conversation with a dear friend, Nicholas Patrick, I gained a new perspective on him.

With all his near-invincibility, Superman could easily live like a God-king ruling over all of us mere mortals. Instead, he chooses to serve humanity, to put himself and his heart out there, even when the people he serves reject him and he risks losing all that he holds dear - he chooses to be utterly human.

To me, he embodies the heart of servant leadership and vulnerability, to put oneself out there in loving service of others, even when it might mean loss and heartbreak.

Where else you can find Moses


The universe now appeared to me as a void wherein floated rare flakes of snow, each flake a universe.

*LITO Mandala

An interactive geometric pattern created using the LITO portrait of a fella lightworker+ which represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe. Each LITO Mandala is unique. Like a snow flake.

+Lightworkers are flame carriers. They hold the light energy of this planet in balance and help shift it into a higher level of consciousness. The force is strong with this tribe.
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