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We are honoured to be trusted by some of the most talented creative entrepreneurs out there. We have worked with clients from all kinds of industries – hospitality, F&B, design, entertainment, lifestyle. They all have one thing in common – they all love what they do and believe in making this world a better place through their talents, skillsets and passions.

Here is a small selection of our work for your viewing pleasure.


We love people (if it isn’t already obvious) and the stories behind them. And we would love to introduce some of these gorgeous humans we have photographed. Alongside their portraits, we excavate nuggets of wisdom and find out what lights them up.

Moses Mohan
Alchemist of Human Beings

Cheryl Yeo
Nutritionist. Entrepreneur. Love all.

More Spotlito pieces are on the way.

Know someone awesome we should profile? Tell us more and stand a chance to win a free portraiture shoot for your friend and yourself if your recommendation is successful.

Think you’re not photogenic? Think again.

We get it. You want to have some nice photos taken - for your business, website, social media accounts, or for personal keepsakes. Buuuut, you’re not comfortable in front of the camera. You feel awkward. You’re not sure how to pose. You’re scared your photos will turn out bad, you’ll hate how you look.

It’s normal to feel this way. Not everyone is a professional model, yo! We’ve worked with many everyday, ordinary people (who are no less gorgeous in our opinion) and our specialty + passion is in bringing out everyday, ordinary beauty in people. We’re great at putting people at ease. Our shoots are super breezy. Whether you are a 80-year old Ah Mah*, or a geeky oddball – we’d love to photograph you... and in the process, make you fall in love with yourself.

Let us bring out the best light in you. Work with us.

*We LOVE the Ah Mahs in the world. All Ah Mahs get a special rate with us.
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